Film by Renat Davletyarov
Production center "INTERFEST" -
A film company specializing in movie production, film festivals and film events. “INTERFEST” is the legal successor of the General Directorate of International Film Festivals "Interfest" and, in turn, the state organization "Sovinterfest", created in 1975 to host the Moscow International Film Festival and Russian film festivals and exhibition activities abroad
The "Interfest" brand is widely known in international film industry, as the organizer of various film events in Russia and abroad.

In September 2006, "Interfest" implements a new project - the Yalta International Festival of Producer’s Cinematography "KINO-YALTA", which was held with a constant full house in cinemas and at 3 open areas in the city of Yalta. Festival nominations for movies of the competition program allowed evaluation of the role of the producer in the project: “For the best production project”, “For the best cast”, “Discovery of the producer”, “For the contribution to the film industry”. Within the framework of the festival, seminars and round tables were held on trending topics of movie business.
In 2007, “Interfest” creates an ambitious "new wave" festival - the first Moscow international festival of contemporary cinema "ZAVTRA / 2MORROW", which for several years has been presenting current trends of international filmmaking to discerning movie enthusiasts and a wide range of viewers.

Moscow International Film Festival is a significant cultural event, where more than 4 thousand guests were accredited annually, more than 150 films from more than 60 countries were shown. For holding the XIX Moscow International Film Festival the Foreign Press Association awarded The General Directorate of International Film Festivals "Interfest" with a Diploma for organizing the best film event in 1995.
The “2-in-1” Festival continued to strive to embrace the entire spectrum of the visual arts and present experimental films in a new film language. The "2-in-1" program is a combination of the author's principle and audience appeal, a synthesis of genres, the intersection of fiction and documentary, cinematography and contemporary art.


Russian Film Week in New York
“Interfest” company, with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, has begun to hold the Week of Russian Cinema in New York since 2002. Over the years, more than 70 Russian contemporary films have been shown.
• Directors Guild Hall of America in Manhattan;
• Center for the Performing Arts in Tribeca (912 seats),
• cinemas in Brooklyn (halls for 250 seats).

Year of the first Russian Film Week in New York
> 70
Films shown
> 6000
Viewers annually
“Interfest” was awarded an honorary diploma from the City Council of New York for organizing a significant cultural event - the Russian Film Week in New York.
... Few other ethnic groups have had a greater impact on the economic, social and cultural life of our city, enriching our horizons so much through music and cinema. Russian Cinema Week continues this tradition, allowing sophisticated New York viewers to once again be convinced of the vitality of the Russian cinematography and get to know a new generation of its outstanding representatives.

Mayor of New York City Michael Bloomberg
... A unique festival of its kind, which presents the impeccable work of the modern Russian film industry and the Russian-speaking community ...

Charles Schumer United States Senator from New York State
Russian Cinema Weeks in the European Union
Every year the program of each Film Week includes from 10 to 18 new Russian films, incl. full-length, short, animation for children. Films are shown with French subtitles and German subtitles, creative meetings of directors, actors, producers with spectators are held; open lectures by film critics, round tables and master classes. Russian Cinema Weeks have taken a solid niche in the cultural life of European capitals and are consistently covered by the major French and German media.

Films are presented by directors, actors, producers. At the end of the sessions, filmmakers hold creative meetings with the audience, accompanied by translation into French and German.

Screenings of the Russian Film Week in Paris are held at 3 venues:
• Cinema "Harlequin" (Arlequin). Hall No1 (395 seats). Address: 6th arrondissement of Paris, st. Rennes 76.
• Cinema "Majestic Passy" (Majestic Passy). Great Hall No 1 (318 seats). Address: 16th arrondissement of Paris, st. Passy 18.
• Russian Spiritual and Cultural Center (Le Center Spirituel et Culturel Orthodoxe Russe). Hall (200 seats). Address: 7th arrondissement of Paris, Quai Branly 1-5.

Screenings of the Russian Film Week in Berlin are held at 2 venues:
• Russian House of Science and Culture in Berlin
(Russisches Haus Der Wissenschaft und Kultur). Cinema hall (188 seats). Address: Friedrich Strasse 176-179, Berlin.
• Cinema "Delphi de Luxe" in Charlottenburg (Delphi de luxe, Yorck theaters). Cinema hall (135 seats). Address: 10623 Berlin, Kantstrasse 12a

> 5500 
Annual viewers in Paris
> 4500
Annual number of viewers in Berlin
Share of French-speaking and German-speaking audience
December of 1941, Northwestern Front. A German tank column is moving towards Moscow. During a mission to stop the enemy advance, Nikolai Komlev’s IL-2 is shot down. Komlev manages to crash-land his plane in a remote forest clearing. He’s alive, but far from friendly territory. Ahead of him is a relentless trial of severe physical and mental endurance. After battling hunger and extreme cold, evading packs of wolves and detachments of Nazi soldiers, the wounded Komlev finally makes it back to safety. But there he faces another challenge, the most life-changing of them all.

August 2014, outskirts of Donetsk. A young soldier of the Ukrainian army, Andrei Sokolov, was sent to the war zone as a truck driver. Covering from the shelling, he ends up in the basement of a residential building, where he meets several completely different people. They came from different directions, they have different fates and worldviews, but now they are united by one goal - to survive.

The sergeant major and five female anti-aircraft gunners confront the Nazi saboteurs. Modern film adaptation of the story by Boris Vasiliev.
Sasha is a famous photographer. She is young and beautiful. Suddenly, her happy life collapses. She becomes a witness to a mysterious murder and immediately becomes involved in a criminal scam related to painting and big money. Now it seems that the whole world is against her - they hunt for her and want to kill her. Trying to understand what is happening to her, Sasha is not ready to give up. Driven by the desire to unravel the mystery, she begins her investigation...
Vadim Raevsky is a famous director who has everything: money, beautiful women, universal recognition. His new film is even nominated for an Oscar. It seemed that Fortuna herself was chasing him, but would she always be favorable to him? Literally in an instant, his familiar world collapses. Vadim is trying to figure out what happened, but the further he goes in his investigation, the more shocking details are revealed to him...
Once Leshka realized that he was in love with his brother's ex-girlfriend. He was not yet 16, and she was already 17. She wore a very short skirt and went for walks with the guys from another neighbourhood. Ahead Leshka had the Last Bell, the last year of life in the town and the first serious trial. He agreed with Tanya on a bet: the loser is obliged to fulfill any desire of the winner...
He is an outlaw, with bounty hunters on his heels. She knows the taiga like the back of her hand, and only together they can survive. Taiga is common: who is stronger is right, and the hunt has already begun...
Khanin is an aging detective at one of Moscow’s regional police departments. He is about forty, single, with no savings, little prospect of promotion and almost no friends. The meaning of his life is his work. He does not notice that he is gradually losing common human feelings and is no longer able to sympathize with his surroundings. An emergency strikes the district, a serial killer is on the loose. Khanin cannot predict his actions. Unexpectedly an orphan girl by a nickname of Chuma (Plague) gives him a hand. She is like Khanin - indifferent to the world around: there is nothing left in her soul but embitterment towards the world. But their teamwork changes this: Khanin becomes a true friend to Chuma and she becomes the first person who Khanin cares for.
Again, it’s chaos and disorder in the Golubev family. The mother-in-law, a devoted admirer of music and poetry, arrives unexpectedly followed by the father-in-law, a brave and forthright colonel. Despite the fact that it’s been 15 years since Andrey and Marina married, Marina’s mother is not overly fond of Andrey, while Andrey’s father openly wishes for a better wife for his son. Things get even worse, when the two old folks meet each other. As always, when there is almost no hope left for a compromise, Professor Kogan comes in, ready to settle any conflict in the family.
Андрей и Марина - родители близнецов Глеба и Светы. Жизнь супругов налажена, день расписан по часам. Они плохо помнят, что дети больше любят живых собак, чем игрушечных, а друзья родителей - не лучшая компания в день рождения. И вот однажды утром Андрей и Марина просыпаются в детской спальне, а Глеб и Света - в родительской. Их поменяли телами. Пора вспомнить, что любовь и внимание дороже денег и карьеры.
At their wedding Andrei and Marina Golubev vowed each other eternal love. In due course their passion vanishes to make room for careers, everyday life, friends and personal hobbies. More and more they argue over trifles and spend less and less time together...The prospect of divorce is looming. The last chance to rescue the marriage lies in the consultation with the family psychologist, Dr. Kogan. But Dr. Kogan treats family relations in a rather untraditional way: in the morning the Golubevs wake up at home, but now he is Marina and she is Andrei. They must learn to understand the desires of the other like their own...
A university professor, who wants to slow down a little, moves with his wife and daughter, from a big city to a small town and starts a new job as a teacher in a girls' gymnasium. Something weird is happening with the class, they seem to hide a secret. As it turns out, these girls don't play with dolls, they make a toy of human lives - and soon the teacher's life and family are jeopardized by something evil. And whether he'll be able to get out of this nightmare, depends solely on a little girl, who claims: "all I wanted is my mommy to be happy".

The film is about a new generation of kids, called Indigo, who have more mental and spiritual abilities than others. A company of such kids gather together in hidden places. Each of them can do unbelievable things, such as: reading other people thoughts, communicating with animals, breaking computer codes. They are different from ordinary people and they are happy with each other. But some adults want to use their talents for old-time perverted purposes and the Indigos vanish one after another.

ОТ 180 И ВЫШЕ 
180 - это рост настоящих красоток. Во всяком случае, в этом уверен герой фильма - администратор фитнес-центра Костя. Для Кости 180 это не просто метрические данные, высокая королева рядом с мужчиной - символ его успеха и состоятельности.
Однажды Костя решает доказать всем и - самое главное себе, что может настать и его час - звездный час мужчины маленького роста. И приглашает на свидание девушку: не ниже 180 сантиметров. Используя свое служебное положение, Костя обзванивает клиенток фитнес-клуба. Но получает отказ за отказом. У каждой героини своя история и свой мужчина. В итоге, цепь забавных ситуаций и смешных совпадений приводит к нему на свидание сразу всех красавиц.
A month before the New Year Yura suddenly became invisible. And it was even a bigger surprise for him when he realized that there were many of the invisibles like him in Moscow city. His adventures in a new unusual invisible guise have started.
Молодой и невероятно талантливый ученый Максим Минаев, который стоит на пороге грандиозного открытия, сулящего ему Нобелевскую премию. В погоне за славой и наградой Максим проводит рискованный эксперимент на самом себе и уменьшается до размеров обычной пробирки. Оказавшись в сложной ситуации, главный герой понимает, что остался один на один со своими проблемами – любимая девушка бросила, а лучший друг оказался предателем. Помочь герою соглашается лишь 12-летний мальчик, прикованный к инвалидному креслу.
Она одинока. Он случайно оказывается на ее балконе. Завязывается разговор, потом танец, потом странная перестановка в комнате – и все в её жизни меняется. Через балкон он нечаянно находит путь к её сердцу, через балкон он уходит, проникнув и изменив всё в глубинах её души.
Родителей не выбирают! Но что делать, если после знакомства с твоими домочадцами подружки уходят навсегда? А тут появляется девушка мечты и настает время знакомить ее с семьей! 
Главный герой находит оригинальный выход: нанимает актеров из рекламного ролика, чтобы те сыграли его семью. Однако идеальный план выходит из-под контроля, ситуация накаляется и наш герой вынужден идти на крайние меры, чтобы не потерять любимую девушку и свою семью.
Boris comes to consciousness in a jail. It happens that three days ago he drove into a man. But he cannot recall the accident and concurrent events. Everything around inspires him with fear and causes anxiety. How did it all happen? Whom did he run into? Things are getting clearer when his wife visits him. She tells Boris that he is punished for the crime he has committed in the past. And this punishment is much worse than imprisonment.
Socialite Asel has everything one can dream about, thanks to her rich daddy. But she wants more and decides to be the host of a TV show. But female TV producer thinks that she's not open enough for TV show and suggests her a bet: she will get the job if entice the first man who will enter the restaurant. This man turns out to be a boy Vanya , the nerd living with his mother and working as a masseur in the female Kazakhstan national team of synchronized swimming. To achieve the goal, Asel must deal with Vanya's old-fashioned ideas of love, relationships and marriage and...  his mother.


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